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Nutrition News

Can Vitamin D help treat COVID-19?

June 3, 2021

After studying global data from the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, researchers have discovered a strong correlation between severe vitamin D deficiency and mortality rates. Led by Northwestern University, the research team conducted a statistical analysis of data from hospitals and clinics across China, France, Germany, Italy, Iran, South Korea, Spain, Switzerland, the United Kingdom (UK)… [read more]

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Foods That Boost Your Immunity

June 29, 2020

An immunity-boosting diet can be both a proactive and reactive approach to health and wellness. Many foods support your body in reversing oxidation and flushing out toxins. Even with a clean diet, there is no way to avoid oxidants, which is why we all need antioxidants. Here are the foods to prioritize, but keep in… [read more]

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Getting Your Diet Back On Track While Social Distancing

June 16, 2020

We are in unprecedented times, where many of us are managing multiple types of stress. Decreased income, the isolation of social distancing, spending a bit too much time with the ones you love, the fear of getting sick—and the frustration of when we will regain a bit of normalcy. This has led many of us… [read more]

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How To Personalize Your Healthcare

March 10, 2020

We are in an exciting time where patients are more empowered and informed about their health than ever before. When it comes to health there are general guidelines, but nothing is a one-size-fits-all solution, which is why you must find ways to personalize your healthcare. Find The Right Physician Let’s first begin with finding a… [read more]

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How To Improve The Quality Of Your Sleep

Better sleep is one of the top wellness trends of 2020. Why? Because sleep has either a positive or negative impact on everything from your immunity to your mood, focus, clarity, and even your weight. That’s right, if you don’t get enough sleep your metabolism can decrease while your sugar and junk food cravings increase…. [read more]

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How To Eat Healthy When Dining Out

February 4, 2020

Eating out is convenient, a must for travel, a fun way to try new types of food, and one of the many ways we socialize with our nearest and dearest. Dining out isn’t something you have to give up when you personalize your nutrition, you just have to learn a few tips. Restaurant Selection If… [read more]

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How To Develop A Healthy New Habit

If you are ready to make a healthy lifestyle change you must commit to developing a new habit. Without a strategy in place, it is unlikely that your new habit will stick. The tips below will help you optimize your chances for success. Be Clear And Specific The first thing you must do is define… [read more]

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New bill in Arizona enables patients to order their own blood tests

December 3, 2016

“’If people begin to engage, they can test and monitor their health before they get sick.’” Elizabeth  Holmes. A new Arizona blood test bill, co-authored by Holmes’ high-tech company goes into effect, allowing patients to order blood tests without involving a doctor. It represents a significant step towards Holmes’ ultimate mission: giving consumers control over… [read more]

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