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How To Eat Healthy When Dining Out

Eating out is convenient, a must for travel, a fun way to try new types of food, and one of the many ways we socialize with our nearest and dearest. Dining out isn’t something you have to give up when you personalize your nutrition, you just have to learn a few tips.

Restaurant Selection

If you are the one choosing the restaurant it will be easier to find healthy options. Look for restaurants that are farm to table, organic, vegan, vegetarian, or that pride themselves in having options that won’t ruin your diet. Just be sure that you aren’t limiting your options too much as part of the fun of dining out is trying new culinary delights.

Check The Menu

If you aren’t choosing the restaurant, check the menu before you arrive so that you can see what their healthiest options are. Almost every restaurant has at least a few delicious dishes that are in line with your personalized nutrition. If you are having a difficult time determining what options are closest to your dietary needs call or message ahead of time as the restaurant will be able to advise on healthy options and menu substitutions. For example, sweet potato instead of rice, veggies instead of fries, or grilled meat instead of fried. If there is butter, sauce, or dressing, ask for half or ask for it on the side.

Don’t Drink Your Calories

Drinking your calories is another way that dining out can blow things. Restaurant beverages are designed to sound enticing, so avoid the temptation. You can’t go wrong with a plain sparkling beverage, water, or unsweetened herbal tea. If you are going to have a cocktail, choose wine over a sugary mixed beverage.

Watch Portion Control

Most restaurants serve oversized portions, so even if the dish is healthy—you must be mindful of how much you are eating. This is even more important if you will be ordering more than one course. It might look something like sharing an appetizer, eating all of your salad, and only eating half of your dinner, and taking the rest home as leftovers. If you are eating a multi-course prix fixe, eat half of each course, and stop eating when you are full. If you are going to splurge and order dessert, share that too. Finally, every once and a while you should schedule a splurge meal. This might be on a holiday, vacation, your birthday, or a monthly splurge meal.

Ready To Personalize Your Nutrition?

Personalizing your nutrition can help you lose weight, minimize chronic health conditions, increase endurance, and more. Reach out today to learn more!