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Lose Excess Weight the Healthy Way

The best way to lose weight (and keep it off for life) is with proper nutrition. Food is fuel for your body that helps power everything you think, feel and do. By eating better, you help your body to function properly and work more efficiently. This means burning fat, building muscle, maintaining a healthy metabolism and feeling good.

At PNC, we create your individual weight loss program to achieve realistic and sustainable results.

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Healthy Food. Smart Choices. Sustainable Results.

Your body and brain need to work together to manage your weight. At PNC, we create a personalized nutrition plan that ensures you get food and fuel in the right combinations to increase your metabolism, burn more calories and release excess fat. As a result, you’ll experience a slow and steady weight loss you can manage and sustain for life!

  • Lose excess weight and body fat
  • Eliminate sugar and carb cravings
  • Reduce mood swings
  • Increase energy
  • Improve sleep
  • Increase and protect muscle tissue
  • And more!

It’s Not a Diet. It’s a Healthy Lifestyle Change.

Your personalized nutrition program will use many of the same foods you already enjoy. Along the way, we’ll meet with you in one-on-one sessions to measure progress, overcome challenges and teach proper nutrition.

  • Meet for weekly 1-on-1 counseling sessions
  • Measure sustainable results
  • Receive helpful tips and suggestions
  • Overcome challenges and plateaus
  • Understand the basics of proper nutrition
  • Discover more health benefits of healthy nutrition
  • And more!

5 steps to losing weight and maintaining it

One of our trained nutrition specialists will walk you through our easy 5 step process that will help your success!

Step 1
Receive a comprehensive nutrition assessment for your plan.
Step 2
Begin a personalized nutrition program to achieve your goals.
Step 3
Meet with your nutrition consultant weekly to measure your progress and make menu changes.
Step 4
We offer nutrition education for a lifetime of success.
Step 5
Rely on maintenance tune ups to keep you on track.

I Lost My Sugar and Carb Cravings!

I went to see Marti at Personalized Nutrition Concepts after struggling to lose the pesky 20 pounds that would not go away no matter what I tried.  The things that worked for me in the past (calorie counting, Weight Watchers) were not working at all.  As a matter of fact – I gained weight!

So discouraged and near the point of giving up, I made an appointment with Marti.  She went over my eating habits, exercise habits, and the things I have tried in the past to lose weight.  She then went through an extensive series of questions to determine the best nutritional mix for me.  She promised me that I would lose the carb and sugar cravings; which I thought was impossible.  In the first week I lost 5 pounds!!  And, she was right about the carb and sugar cravings.

I have successfully lost the original 20 pounds – plus 5!!  If you, like me, have struggled with successful weight loss, you need to call Marti ASAP!  It’s worth every penny!

– Deanna Z.

Learn How A Personalized Nutrition Program Can Work For You.

Watch as KNFX radio host Carol Blonder interviews PNC’s own Marti Burton on the concept, purpose and benefits of a personalized nutrition planning.

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