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Success Stories

Chad D.

1/2 way to goal. Lost 30 lbs and 20% body fat.

Michelle J.

Currently losing a lot of inches and growing muscle tissue with her nutrition plan.


Lost 20.4lbs, 20.6in and 14% body fat. (Gianna worked with PNC Consultant, Shannon)

Samera H.

Lost 11lbs of body fat (20%) and 15in.

Marty and Jim

Marty has lost 24 lbs, she went from 35% body fat to 16%. Jim gained 15.8 lbs. of lean muscle mass, he went from 16.5% body fat to 8%.

James C

Lost a total of 12 lbs, 4% body fat and 17.75 inches

Laura B.

Lost 13 pounds and went from 26%-11% body fat.

J Lasky

Lost 15lbs, 16% body fat and a total of 13 inches

Janely G.

Lost 4lbs, gained lean mass. Went from 28%-14% body fat. Lost a total of 12.25 inches.

Ruben V.

Lost 45 pounds in 18 weeks.

Deanna Z.

Lost 25 pounds and body fat is now 17.5%.

Geoff S.

Lost 14 pounds and body fat is now 16.6%.

Ed D.

Lost 22 pounds and body fat is now 9.9%.

Karen P.

Lost 37 pounds and body fat is now 15.4%.


Lost 17 pounds and body fat is now 16%.

Krista H.

Lost 53 pounds and body fat is now 13.9%.

Jane P.

Lost 21 pounds and 20% body fat.

Janice M.

Lost 20 pounds and went from 33.7% body fat to 13% and lost a total of 22.5 inches.

Shawn M.

Went from 13.6% body fat to 3.3% and gained 10 pounds of lean mass.

Beth P.

Lost 28 pounds, reduced her body fat to 20% and lost a total of 25 inches.