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Why You Need A Weight Loss Strategy And Not Another Fad Diet

Fad Diet Plan

Too often weight loss is approached as a short-term goal as opposed to the lifelong commitment required to both loose and keep weight off. More importantly, the lifelong commitment to improved health and wellness. While it’s tempting to try the latest fad diet in hopes that you will be one of the over-the-top success stories they use in their commercials, developing a weight loss strategy is the most effective way to go.

Diets Don’t Work

We discuss why diets don’t work in great detail in one of our earlier blog posts, but here are the primary reasons why no matter how hard you try—the chances of achieving your goals with a fad diet are slim to none.

Whole Body Health Should Be The Goal

Odds are you want to do more than just lose a few pounds, but also feel stronger and healthier. This is a goal that requires you to focus on doing far more than counting calories, to building upon your healthy habits. It’s a process that begins by identifying your individual areas of opportunity and creating a personalized plan from there. This includes personalized nutrition and supportive behaviors for whole body health. The goal is to balance your body, which in turn will help you minimize or eliminate the effects of manageable health conditions such as:

Strategies Are Long-Term And Have Realistic Goals

Creating a weight loss strategy requires you to take into consideration everything you do that affects your health. While weight loss is sure to be one of your goals, so is feeling stronger, improving sleep, reducing stress, boosting your mood, and an overall improved quality of life.

While your weight is a contributing factor to whole body health, the number on the scale means little if you aren’t managing your nutrition, fitness, levels of stress, and the mind and body connection. To learn more about creating a weight loss strategy reach out to Personalized Nutrition Concepts today!