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It’s Not Just You—Diets Don’t Work!


There are hundreds of diets to choose from most of which promise rapid results if you follow them with strict adherence. As you may know from firsthand experience deprivation diets don’t work. Here’s are just a few reasons why.

Deprivation Is The Goal

Every diet is different but likely to be an unbalanced and severely restrictive diet in which deprivation is the goal. They sell you on the concept of consuming fewer calories and carbs which often leaves you feeling famished after each meal. Even if you can achieve some weight loss it is unrealistic to sustain your restrictive diet long-term. Since you have not developed new healthy habits the weight you lose is likely to creep back on as soon as you discontinue your diet.

Food Becomes The Enemy

Food should never be viewed as your enemy. In fact, it should be viewed as the exact opposite. Food is fuel. It is packed with nutrients that boost your immunity, provide you with energy, and keep you healthy and strong. What you put in your body will always be your largest area of opportunity which is why the quality of what you eat must be of higher priority. With a personalized nutrition plan, you can still enjoy many of the foods you eat regularly, but the approach will be a bit more strategic.

Health Is Not The Goal

When hitting a number on the scale is the only goal we forget the bigger picture of achieving optimal health and wellness. When we instead take a whole body approach to health, it becomes less about weight and more about how you feel. By adopting healthy dietary and lifestyle habits you can balance your body from the inside out. This will do more than achieve weight loss, but help you burn fat, build muscle, boost your metabolism, reduce pain and inflammation, and minimize chronic health conditions.

You’re Already On A Diet—Let’s Personalize It For Your Individual Needs

The word “diet” has become synonymous with a program designed for weight loss. However, “diet” actually refers to the dietary habits each of us have adopted over the years. You are likely to have many healthy habits that we will build upon, and some habits we will minimize. We must remember that nutrition is not a one-size-fits-all equation. Everyone’s body and health needs are unique, and our needs change over the years. The goal is to personalize your nutrition to provide your body with a well-balanced intake that meets your individual needs.

PNC creates personalized nutrition plans that are delicious, nutritious, and easily sustainable. Whether you have lifelong weight to shed, baby weight, or those few extra pounds that have crept up slowly over the years we can create a customized plan for you. Reach out today to learn more!