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Weight Loss Testimonials

Lindsey M.

November 30, 2016

My experience with Marti, owner of PNC, has been amazing! I have been very in tune and focused on living a healthy lifestyle supplementing with good nutrition and exercise, but I have always had some stubborn extra weight I just could not get rid of.  I have tried countless nutrition lifestyle diets- vegetarian, paleo, high… [read more]

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Charles S.

I have always enjoyed exercise and for years I worked out religiously but really found it tough to lose body fat. So after my wife had done so well with Marti I decided to go too. After 9 weeks I went from 28.8% body fat to just 14.4% body fat- yes I cut my body… [read more]

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Anthony O.

Just a positive comment. I started seeing Marti about 5 weeks ago and after her interview of me, she set me up with a program to help me lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle. It is fantastic. I virtually eat the foods I like, feel great, am losing weight and see this as a… [read more]

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Nicole C.

Marti and Personalized Nutrition Concepts have already completely changed my life for the better, and I am still currently following my program. I have struggled with my weight for pretty much my whole life, and have tried numerous times to eat healthier and exercise, with little results. At the beginning of this year I joined… [read more]

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Bethany V.

My experience has been nothing but excellent! Marti has cheered me on during the highs and kept me focused and determined during the lows. Highs being consistent weight/body fat loss and lows being stagnation. With her program and guidance I’ve succeed in making positive lifestyle changes and have almost reached my goal! Most importantly, I… [read more]

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Lot C.

Marti Burton is by far the best Nutritionist in the valley, her professionalism is second to none and she will listen to your wants and needs and will accommodate you accordingly, the results are quick and effective, also she is certain to help you maintain your results with an outstanding follow up process that insures… [read more]

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