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Weight Loss Testimonials

Bethany V.

November 30, 2016

My experience has been nothing but excellent! Marti has cheered me on during the highs and kept me focused and determined during the lows. Highs being consistent weight/body fat loss and lows being stagnation. With her program and guidance I’ve succeed in making positive lifestyle changes and have almost reached my goal! Most importantly, I… [read more]

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Lot C.

Marti Burton is by far the best Nutritionist in the valley, her professionalism is second to none and she will listen to your wants and needs and will accommodate you accordingly, the results are quick and effective, also she is certain to help you maintain your results with an outstanding follow up process that insures… [read more]

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J Lasky

November 16, 2016

Before Joel started he was already doing cross fit 3-4x per week and eating clean. He wanted to get to his final goal but was on a plateau. With the guidance of PNC and writing a program that fueled him with the right amount to increase metabolism, grow lean mass and lose body fat. He… [read more]

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Lexi P.

August 18, 2016

Before I left for college, I wanted to seek out a nutritionist to teach me what my nutritional needs are so that I didn’t put on weight when I went. I chose Marti Burton at personalized nutrition concepts and I not only lost my weight but I learned how to eat while living a college… [read more]

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Terry F.

Marti is awesome! I seriously cannot say enough positive things about her or my experience with her during our time together. A close friend recommended Marti based on her personal success. I was self-educated on the subject of nutrition thanks to my quest for knowledge and a decision to live a healthier lifestyle made approximately… [read more]

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Deanna Z.

I went to see Marti at Personalized Nutrition Concepts after struggling to lose the pesky 20 pounds that would not go away no matter what I tried.  The things that worked for me in the past (calorie counting, Weight Watchers) were not working at all.  As a matter of fact – I gained weight! So… [read more]

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