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Charles S.

I have always enjoyed exercise and for years I worked out religiously but really found it tough to lose body fat. So after my wife had done so well with Marti I decided to go too.
After 9 weeks I went from 28.8% body fat to just 14.4% body fat- yes I cut my body fat in half.
What this really showed me was that exercise is one thing but nutrition is the most important factor.
The nutrition plan Marti prepared for me was perfect for what I wanted to achieve – I gained muscle mass and lost body fat. I am 47 years and probably now in the best shape of my life.
All my sugar cravings, lack of sleep, anxiety, lack of energy has all gone!
Coupled with the nutrition plan, Marti teaches you what to eat and why you should eat it giving you the tools to make a change in your eating habits for life.
Thanks Marti for truly changing my life – both my wife and I are truly grateful to you.
I would highly recommend Marti to anyone looking to make a positive change in their lives.
This is not a quick fix diet – this a long term change of habit for life.