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Study Proves That Everyone Responds Differently To Diets

Study Proves That Everyone Responds Differently To Diets

We’ve all been there. A friend or colleague has successfully lost weight. So, you ask how they did it and rush to get started on the same diet. Although you follow the diet to perfection you have little to no results and are left wondering why it didn’t work for you too? A recent study done in conjunction with researchers at Harvard and Massachusetts General Hospital provide the answer to this question—everyone responds differently to diets.

The Results Of The Study Shocked Researchers

The study included 1,100 adults in the US and UK who were given a daily selection of standard meals. The meals were not geared toward weight loss as some options were healthy, some were mid-range, and some were low in nutritional value. Each participant had a continuous glucose monitor embedded under their arm to track blood sugar and a manual device to measure glucose, fats, and insulin. Even after eating the exact same meals, study participants had vastly different glucose readings. Some responded poorly to carbs, while others did not. One of the things that really shocked researchers was that levels of physical fitness did not improve glucose readings.

Even Twins Had Different Readings

What made this study even more conclusive is that about 60 percent of the participants were twins, and even twins had vastly different glucose readings after eating the exact same foods. What was consistent is that researchers could predict how individuals would respond to upcoming meals by their previous glucose readings.

What This Study Means For You

The results of this study are exciting because it provides quantifiable proof of what we already know here at PNC—that nutrition must be personalized to the individual. By utilizing food to support your individual physiology and lifestyle you can eat not only to lose weight—but to thrive. With the right nutritional balance, you can boost your energy, minimize health risks, increase endurance and athletic performance, boost your energy, and more!

If you are ready to ditch dieting and give a personalized approach to nutrition a try—reach out to the team at Personalized Nutrition Concepts today!