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Robin Alvarado

“I would like to share my experience with Marti Burton and MJH Nutrition. My journey began with Marti about 3 years ago. I have been seeing Marti off and on during the course of this time. It wasn’t until recently that “I” realized that I was the only one who can change my ways! I initially sought Marti to “look” better, but after our first meeting, I understood it was far more than that. My food choices weren’t that poor and it wasn’t ALL about looks… was about being HEALTHY.”

“When you eat in composition and at the appropriate times, you have a lot more energy. It took me some time to realize the other reasons that I made poorer choices when it came to eating. Stress was a big one. Lack of planning was another. Once I started putting myself and the program first and once I was keeping a regimented food diary, the pounds and inches really started coming off. Marti has been there every step of the way to listen and help walk me through this journey! Marti’s positive outlook and encouragement has kept me going strong. She is amazing at helping you discover obstacles that you may not have discovered yourself, but with the time that we have now spent together, I can truly say that she has helped me understand that this is one of the best changes that I could ever devote my time and energy towards, not just for myself, but for my family!”