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Ginger C.

I love how Marti teaches about the “why” behind the importance of having a well balanced, nutritional diet. This information has been so helpful for me to understand what happens in my body when I eat certain things, when I don’t eat or sleep, have excess stress, and why my body will perform best if I make the right food choices. She worked with me to figure out my food plan for my own personal needs and my body composition. She also was instrumental in helping me figure out a rare condition that I have (tested by a doctor) where I am missing an enzyme that metabolizes fruit. Every time I would eat fructose (or sucrose as well) I my blood sugar would drop. Knowing this has been a life changer for me and I am very grateful. I also love how she tracks my progress with body fat percentage, weight and inches along the way. She is also very supportive when I have a setback and helps me get refocused. I highly recommend Marti…. She will help you change your life as she has mine!