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You Workout Regularly But You Aren’t Losing Weight


If you have committed to three or more workouts a week but aren’t seeing much in terms of results you must be wondering why? Don’t worry because you aren’t alone. In fact, this is one of the top reasons why people stop going to the gym. If you go regularly and see results you would be motivated to keep it up. Here’s why your workouts aren’t working.

It’s Only About 10 Percent Of The Equation

Working out should always be a part of your weekly routine. It helps to release stress and tension, eliminate toxins, increases circulation, boosts immunity, helps you sleep better, and burns calories. Although you will burn calories, when it comes to weight loss working out is only about 10 percent of the equation. This is why you may be working out like crazy but the scale’s not moving.

You Haven’t Made Healthy Changes To Your Nutritional Intake

What you put in your body will always be your largest area of opportunity. Think less in terms of the standard deprivation diet and more in terms of food as fuel. When you improve the quality of your food and take a strategic approach to personalized nutrition designed to address your individual needs you will see and feel the results quickly.

You Use The Gym As Permission To Cheat

Have you ever caught yourself thinking something along the lines of, “I’ll eat two more cookies and spend 20 more minutes on the treadmill today?” Many of us look at the gym as a reason to eat something we wouldn’t eat if we weren’t going to the gym that day. Since weight gain has more to do with sugar intake than fat or calories, doing the extra 10 minutes won’t make up the difference.

You’re Not Maximizing Your Workouts

Although it’s only 10 percent of the weight loss equation you want to make sure you are getting your full 10 percent. Just like with the traditional approach to dieting, too many of us get caught up in calculating calories burned. The fact of the matter is a quality 30-minute workout can go farther in helping you achieve your goals than spending 60 halfhearted minutes on the treadmill. Just like your nutrition should be personalized, so should your fitness routine. Consider investing in a few personal training sessions to have a trainer teach you the cardio, strength training and stretching that is tailored to your fitness needs.

If you want to learn more about the 90 percent that effects your weight loss, reach out to the team at Personalized Nutrition Concepts today!