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Why Weight Loss Resolutions Don’t Work

Why Weight Loss Resolutions Don’t Work

Weight loss and better health are one of the most common New Year’s resolutions and may be one of your goals for 2019. We want you to succeed in improving your nutrition which is why we have dedicated this article to why most weight loss resolutions fail, and how you can succeed.

80 Percent Of All Resolutions Fail

Studies show that by the first week of February that 80 percent of people have abandoned their resolutions. While we approach each new year with the excitement of having a fresh start, without a strategy and accountability most of us fall back into or usual routine just a few week’s in.

Creating A Weight Loss Strategy

Most of us are too generic with our resolutions. For example, stating that you want a new job, to fall in love, improve your health, or to lose weight. While these are all excellent goals, they need to be backed up with a strategy that has measurable milestones along the way. When it comes to weight loss you should include a full physical, creating a weekly workout plan, and having a personal nutrition plan created based on your individual needs.

Deprivation And Fad Diets Don’t Work

Whether you typically gain a few pounds after the holiday season, you have baby weight to shed, or you want to drop weight you have struggled for years to lose—it’s unlikely that a fad diet will assist you in achieving your goals. Deprivation diets are unrealistic to maintain and often leave you hungry and irritable. Most importantly, many diets are actually bad for your health.

What Is The Difference Between Personalized Nutrition And A Diet?

Nutrition is 90 percent of the weight loss equation, but it’s about far more than counting calories and the number on the scale. While your PNC nutrition plan may reduce your caloric intake, it will focus on your whole-body health. We start with an individual assessment to determine the nutrients your body needs to thrive and create your plan around that. Most importantly, your plan will be focused around foods you already enjoy. Since your meals aren’t deprivation based it will be easy to maintain your meal plan long-term.

If you are tired of trying and failing at diets that are unrealistic to maintain, you have hit a weight loss plateau, or your healthy choices are yet to deliver results it’s time to try something new. Reach out to Personalized Nutrition Concepts today to learn more. It doesn’t matter where you live as we work remotely with clients all over the world!