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Wellness Over Weight Loss

Whether it’s a number on the scale that you want to return to or a long-term struggle with weight, wellness should be your first priority. By taking a whole-body approach to health you will do more than just lose weight but feel better than ever.

Your Lifestyle Can Affect Your Weight

If you have a high-stress job, unhealthy personal relationships, are feeling depressed, or can’t sleep soundly through the night—it is likely impacting your weight. This might mean you have gained a few extra pounds, or that your weight is lower than it should be. If your weight gain or weight loss is otherwise unexplainable, you must consider the stress and emotional connection to wellbeing. Start by downsizing your schedule, adding more stress-reducing activities, and increasing your social time with friends and family who build you up. Sometimes, a major change may be required. I once had a friend who had a high-stress job. By finding a healthier company culture she lost 10 pounds without changing anything else in her daily routine. If stress is not the reason for your rapid weight loss reach out to your physician for a full physical.

Eating To Address Your Health

There are multiple contributing factors to common diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, and thyroid issues. However, the connection between the quality of the foods you consume, and your health is undeniable. Unfortunately, most of us leave our physician’s office with the understanding that we should make some dietary changes—but with insufficient guidance on where to begin. This often leads to cutting out specific foods, without the addition of what our body requires to thrive. Working with a nutrition expert will empower you to eat with the intention of minimizing or reducing the impact of your health conditions. Yes, there are foods that will be eliminated but your personalized nutrition plan will be built around foods you naturally enjoy—just prepared in a healthier manner.

Eating To Feel Good

The foods you eat play a role in balancing the hormones in your body and can be utilized to decrease stress hormones (cortisol), boost your mood (serotonin), regulate sleep (melatonin), and balance fluctuating testosterone and estrogen levels. Nutrition also plays a vital role in your daily energy levels, mood, and mindset—without the guilt of binge eating your favorite cheat foods. As you feel the positive impact of your dietary changes you will be more likely to maintain your healthy new habits. And yes, you can still enjoy your sweets and treats in moderation!

When the goal is only to lose weight, many of us turn to fad diets designed for rapid weight loss. Unfortunately, these restrictive diets often contribute to our decreased wellbeing—even if they help you lose a few pounds. If you would like to learn more about eating for wellness reach out to Personalized Nutrition Concepts today!