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Samantha S.

My name is Samantha S., I am 23 years old and will soon be working as an Athletic Trainer. I sought out help from Marti about five weeks ago. I am a pretty healthy, fit person but was having troubles with bad sugar cravings, binge eating, and just overall not feeling 100% all the time. Marti made a meal plan for me to help with the cravings and to keep my energy levels up through out the day instead of the roller coaster I was on. I have seen so much improvement in myself over the last few weeks and I feel amazing! My body fat percent has decreased but I have put on lean muscle mass, and I am eating a lot better. I don�t get tired as much through out the day like I did before, and I am not craving those bad foods. I am so happy with the results that I have gotten from this experience. I was a little nervous at first, which I think anyone would be with change, but it has been such a positive one and others have noticed as well. I would highly recommend Marti to anyone who is seeking help with their nutritional needs. 🙂