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John Andrewski

“Before I started doing any kind of weight control, I weighed over 290 pounds. I knew I needed to do something, so I started simply by watching my calories and attempted to exercise semi-regularly. The problem was I would either not bother to really figure out how much I was eating or I would starve myself for several days until I couldn’t take it anymore and would just eat anything. Of course, my body was functioning on ‘starvation mode’ at that point, so the binge was a quick conversion to fat. I was able to drop 50 pounds through regular caloric starvation, but I felt terrible the entire time. Unfortunately, most of that weight came back in a hurry because I had no idea how to maintain a lower weight. When I finally started with Marti’s program, I was back up to almost 270 pounds. I constantly had heart-burn and felt physically tired. I felt unhealthy, and it seemed like no matter what I did I couldn’t shake that feeling.”

“This program has been great, because along with a plan that works, I also had the opportunity to receive education on not only HOW but WHY it works. Without that knowledge, I can see how easily a person can slip, not only into old bad habits, but never create the right habits in the first place that help prevent the weight from returning. I have lost over 40 pounds to date, and am at the lowest weight since high school. I feel comparatively great and I am continuing my progress towards my goal where I believe I will be able to maintain my correct, and finally healthy, weight indefinitely.”