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How You Should Be Tracking Your Weight Loss And Health

How You Should Be Tracking Your Weight Loss And Health

It’s happened to us all. We notice that our clothing isn’t fitting the way it used to, so we pop on the scale to find that we’ve gained a bit of weight. Then we set a goal to lose the exact amount we gained. When the number on the scale becomes the primary goal, it can be easy to get discouraged. Here’s what you should be focusing on instead.

Measure Your Body

Instead of thinking in terms of pounds, think in terms of circumference. The reason for this is related to the difference in fat reduction versus pound reduction. As you improve your nutrition and increase your strength training you may find that your weight hasn’t changed much, but that your body has decreased in inches. This is because muscle weighs more than fat, so as you build muscle the scale may not move much—but you will be able to see the difference. Measure the circumference of your bust, upper arms, waist, hips, thighs, and calves. If you have access to a BMI calculator use it to help measure your progress.

Prioritize How You Feel

While we all want to look our best, we must prioritize feeling our best. This includes increasing our strength, boosting our energy and endurance, and improving flexibility and range of motion. These are all positive side-effects of personalized nutrition and regular exercise. Even if the number on the scale isn’t where you want it yet, feeling better can keep you motivated to stay on track. To measure your progress in terms of how good you feel keep a daily journal that records your energy levels, how well you are sleeping, and your mood.

Take Photos Of Your Visual Progress

Take a photo of yourself every week or two in the same fitted workout attire, preferably a bikini or shorts and a sports bra. Stand in front of a mirror and make sure you get a full-body front and back shot, which you can easily do with your smartphone. Resist the temptation to suck anything in so that you have an accurate account of your progress. While you may not see any difference from one week to the next, start looking at photos that are at least 4 weeks apart—and you will see the difference. Without these photos you may not notice just how much your shape has changed.

Improved Health

Weight loss isn’t the only reason clients reach out to PNC, as nutrition plays an integral role in addressing chronic health conditions. This includes:


Ready To Improve Your Nutrition?

We might eat 3 meals a day but most of us have never been taught about the nutrients our body requires to thrive. Unfortunately, we are led to believe that the varying diets we’ve tried over the years are the answer—but most are based on deprivation, not nutrition. If you are ready to learn how to empower your body with what you eat reach out to the team at Personalized Nutrition Concepts today!