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Health Improvement Testimonials

Myriam Roa

April 24, 2016

Ms. Marti Burton has impressed me with her professional demeanor since I first met her as part of a nutrition/wellness program we piloted for our school district. I have had numerous requests to bring Marti back, as she provided a wonderful specialized and customized nutrition plan for about 20 of our staff here at Phoenix… [read more]

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Frank Diaz

Dr. John Woellner has taken me off the following medications as of 1-18-2010 : Insulin Humalog (5 cc), Actos (15mg) and my Lantus injections have been reduced from 25(cc) to 20(cc).This is great news!!! Since I have participated in your nutrition program, I have lost 15 pounds and I can attribute the significant reduction in… [read more]

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Pam Stene

In the summer of June 2007, I had slowly started to gain weight. I felt tired and depressed all the time. I wanted some answers as to “why”. I was exercising a lot and thought I was eating right but could not lose the weight. Even though I was fairly active my eating habits consisted… [read more]

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Dann Singleton

“I received a cholesterol count of over 400. My doctor wanted to start me on cholesterol lowering medication (which I opted not to take) and recommended a change in my diet. After 9 week of starting the nutritional plan I am happy to announce that my cholesterol has dropped to 208.” -Dann Singleton

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