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Health Improvement Testimonials

Patrick Krause

April 24, 2016

Hey Marti, just want to share some good news. My Cardiologist today said that there is a direct correlation between my losing 10 lbs, my new eating habits and my now normal blood pressure. Three years of taking high blood pressure medication is over after just three weeks with you and your program. Thanks so… [read more]

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“Thought you might be interested to know how this program has effected my bp. This is a reading from this morning, 10 weeks after starting the program and exercise. I quit taking my bp meds about 2 years ago leaving me with an uncorrected bp of 150/104 just before starting this program. Im really happy… [read more]

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Kenneth J. Prebil, MD

“Marti has helped my wife and I and two daughters-in-law lose our desired pounds but more importantly she has helped us lower our body fat and cholesterol without the cravings and bringing that occurs with other more popular diets. As a Physician, I wish more of my patients would undertake such a positive step to… [read more]

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Robin Alvarado

“I would like to share my experience with Marti Burton and MJH Nutrition. My journey began with Marti about 3 years ago. I have been seeing Marti off and on during the course of this time. It wasn’t until recently that “I” realized that I was the only one who can change my ways! I… [read more]

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John Andrewski

“Before I started doing any kind of weight control, I weighed over 290 pounds. I knew I needed to do something, so I started simply by watching my calories and attempted to exercise semi-regularly. The problem was I would either not bother to really figure out how much I was eating or I would starve… [read more]

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Myriam Roa

Ms. Marti Burton has impressed me with her professional demeanor since I first met her as part of a nutrition/wellness program we piloted for our school district. I have had numerous requests to bring Marti back, as she provided a wonderful specialized and customized nutrition plan for about 20 of our staff here at Phoenix… [read more]

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