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Eating Healthy While Traveling

Eating Healthy While Traveling

Whether you’re traveling for work or on a well-deserved vacation you might be stressing out about maintaining your nutrition. Here are some tips for eating healthy while traveling, without missing out on the local cuisine.

Skip The Airplane Food And Snacks

If your flight is long purchase your food once you pass through airport security. Just be sure to give yourself a little extra time to place your food order. Almost every restaurant has a healthy salad and lean protein options. For shorter flights pack non-liquid snacks or purchase nuts, fruit, and yogurt before you board the plane. Avoid the empty calories and sugar of onboard beverages by ordering water or tea or purchasing your own beverage once you’re through security.

Grocery Shop Once You Arrive

You certainly don’t want to weigh down your suitcase or weekender bag but packing healthy snacks will help you avoid temptation. This could be anything from nuts and dried fruit, to snacks you buy at a local grocery or health food store once you arrive at your destination. Bonus points if you have a full kitchen or at least a mini-fridge and microwave. This will allow you to cook or reheat food and keep healthy beverages cold. Be sure to bring your own water bottle with you so that you can easily stay hydrated.

Meal Plan Ahead Of Time

Dining out on regional cuisine is one of the joys of traveling but you should map out your dining—including your vacation splurge meals. Head online before your trip and find local health food stores that have deli selections, farm to table restaurants, and menus with options that meet your nutritional needs. Your day might look something like this:

Set Your Cocktail Limit

Vacations are one of the times a year where you might allow yourself more wine, liquor, or cocktails than usual. While it’s a scheduled time to indulge just make sure not to overindulge. Set a cap for how many drinks you can have per day, keeping high-sugar mixed drinks to a minimum. Be sure to hydrate before, during, and after you drink. This will reduce the likelihood of a hangover and help to keep your body internally balanced.

Last but not least, try to squeeze in at least a few workouts or active excursions while you travel. Or walk to and from destinations when you can. This offset some of your indulgences and make it easier for you to hop back into your regular routine once your return home.

Not Sure How To Eat Healthy When Eating Out?

Reach out to the team at Personalized Nutrition Concepts today to learn how to order in restaurants within your nutrition plan—or to create your goal-oriented nutrition plan.