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Does Metabolism Really Slow Down As We Age?

Does Metabolism Really Slow Down As We Age?

It’s the thing we are cautioned against in our teens and twenties, that our metabolism will slow down as we age—leading to gradual weight gain. While our body will change as we age understanding how our metabolism works helps us take a proactive approach to health and weight gain.

What Is Metabolism?

In short, metabolism is the amount of energy (aka. calories) our body burns each day to maintain our internal balance. Starting at around the age of 20 we start to burn 1 to 2 percent fewer calories per day. This isn’t as noticeable for the first decade but by our 30s this can lead to around 150 fewer calories burned per day. It’s not a lot, but if we don’t make up that difference it can lead to 1 or 2 pounds of weight gain each year.

Can You Boost Your Metabolism?

There are many things we can do to boost our metabolism at every age such as working out. If you remain as physically fit as you did in your 20s the natural decrease in metabolism will be minimal. But most of us are far less physically active than we were in our 20s meaning that the impact can be far more significant. While regular physical activity will boost your metabolism, exercise alone is never more than 10 percent of the weight loss equation. What you eat and drink will always play a larger role in keeping your metabolism high. This is where PNC can help!

How Personalized Nutrition Can Help

In addition to decreased fitness many of us are a bit more relaxed about what we eat as we age. While it is always important to treat yourself, we must not let every day or every meal be treat day. This can be of particular challenge if our loved ones don’t have the healthiest dietary habits. By working with Personalized Nutrition Concepts, you can find delicious and nutritious alternatives to your less than healthy go-tos. Within weeks you and your family will feel the difference.

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